Innovative design concepts for automotive lighting


We offer complete lighting design solutions:

From conception and technology integration, up to optical video and electrical installations

of the final product. We have successfully delivered innovative lighting programs for over 14 automotive concept vehicles.

3.We can integrate  inside car LCD Color flat panels from 2,5” to 8,4” and more in 4/3 or 16/9.  On the toyota X we build a special 16/9 display for only 3mm (0,11 inches) thick. With specific grafic board it’s possible to ingrate a display whereas it wasn’t a few years ago. We use the best quality screens from different suppliers. Interface touch control will allow a new approach for tomorrow.

4.Mix Light and material is the future. We manage different combinations for a new way of integrating light inside a car. We built a lot of examples to open a laboratory for a  new innovative result.

1.We are specialized in light show for leds. you can adjust color (16 millions) intensity, white balance, and more specific animation. In this direction we can control led by led and produce a very rich show. To do so, we use a specific graphic software to control movement and acceleration. For example, you can easily and quickly build an interesting animation and modify it as you want, to adjust the exact right effect in a very short time.

The application is made for interior mood light, head lamp or rear light, but also for animated dashboard. We use different leds from Osram, Lumiled, Lamina, Cree, etc....

2.More than Screen control, Video installation is another way to integrate light on a car. On our last Toyota’s project we use it to create an incredible light show for headlamps, functional light and graphic poetic information. We can also provide specific movies to increase new perception of sensitive experience. Actually we go in 2 directions, very small installation with compact video system and full HD video projection for a full picture detail.